A letter - This is a poem about mythical beauty and real love

Tale of love that brighten the day,

But who is the angel that lights the way?

Who is beautiful like the world in spring?

And mighty as the ocean's wave?

Is she part of the race of men?

Does she exist in the darkness of this land?

Was it just a vision, an illusion, a dream?

For none but a god can be so lovely.

Yet I found blissfulness when we kiss.

And from your eyes I see the light.

Beauty of legend and ancient myth,

I care not for she.

For you are more beautiful than any one on earth.

And your heart you give freely.

I dream of you only, my devontion truly,

My passion purely, I love you only.

No idea if you go on this website but if you do
this poem is for you. Alexandria Maida

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