A Lament for Nimrodel - As we sing for the loss of Nimrodel the fair.

A Lament For Nimrodel.

Deep set eyes, a crystal gaze,
Filled with heaven's light,
A flowing shadow haze,
Was Nimrodel the bright.

A lone maid she was of old,
Whose beauty none could pass,
And song of loss and so is told,
Upon on yonder grass.

`Tis said ago she wandered far,
On mountains white and cold,
Whither she fell, a lost, lone star,
None can be so bold.

Her heart belonged, but did not come,
To meet him on his ways,
Though he waited for her drum,
With which his life he pays.

Sea breeze blew across the surf,
As his ship set sail,
He left his place upon the turf,
Though soon began to pale.

He longed for her, and could do no more,
For she was left behind,
The heart was true, but found no door,
To Nimrodel the kind.

Where he lays none shall speak,
For the tale is sad and true,
His mind grew strong but body weak,
And was lost beneath the blue.

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