A hero's fight - The poem of the first war of the Ring

A heros fight
for right
Swords clash
the noise surronds me
blood and gore and bones go smash
fighting to be free

Every where I look there is killing
I can't escape it
my kins blood is spilling
I fight bravely
but in my heart there is fear
I look upon the dead gravely
surronded the foes are near

Then all goes dark
the dark lord saroun arises
towers above us all lark
then Isidur cuts the ring
from Saroun's hand
he is the hero of whom we sing
he is the one who has freed our land
he made the darkest night
into a brand new mornings light

but when told to destroy it
he said no
and found it fit
to keep it and not let go
but then we know the ring does no good
it brought him to his death
destroyed it though he could
he chose wrong it lead to death

so ends the first war of the ring
soon comes the second
of which we shall also sing
but not now for it is time for bed little ones

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