a fairytale in my dreams-it kinda doesnt ryhme - this is the second part of my first poem

the elleth pulls me
suprisingly the door magically streaches
i am awe-struck
'you are no ordinary person'
she laughs
'that is because i am an elf, immortal'
i look around many lights flash at me, flash
my eyes are wide open
in my mind and to my eyes
she is beautiful
like a dream
flash flash the lights are bright
lothlorien you are in,she tells me
this is like a dream
'you are in the land of the living'
spining my head is spining.
i see so many HOT elves (guys)
she laughs
'do not be decieved they are not what they seem'
'so i deem this is reality'
real to the touch
there is much
i must tell you, mortal
'will you quit it!!!'
she repeats 'quit it'
life here is short as i am leaving
leaving middle-earth
the lights recede
my heart awakens
she has taken
my hand and walks with me
in the fair lorien
fair lorien, fair...........fair....... lorien
she sings to me
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