A cry to my love and my own. - A song for Aragorn by Arwen

" o to me now my lord do come,
for I shall to hold you with me,
and evermore to be with you,
at your side, my own, my love.

But lo! For now to war you must go,
and I to stay here behind,
So to me now give one last kiss,
for I shant see you amore!

To see me now upon this fair hill,
as I sit here and sigh in grief,
o,I pray you now return to me,
let my words from before be not true!

And now farewell o, Aragorn king,
I am Arwen, your lady and wife,
and when the seas cry out for me,
Know this, I shant heed their call.

I will remain here now, on the shores of their waves,
when the sea-birds give cry to the morn!
And forever I shall wait for you my love,
This holds true.....
Even lest......
I am turned......
To stone!

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