• Circling the Willow

    A whimsical poem emulating the style of Tom Bombadil

  • Ode to the Mushroom

    A hobbit song if ever there was one... complete nonsense, but sincerely heartfelt!

  • Anduin Flow

    A take off from the song 'Orinoco Flow' by Enya

  • Fallen Hero

    Boromir's last moments

  • Luthien

    A sonnet about Luthien and Beren

  • The Woodland Realm Dance

    A poem about the Woodland Realm Elfs

  • Side By Side

    Gimli the Dwarf has his say.......

  • Not Lost Forever

    After Arwen passes on...Originally I wrote this for my Grandmother who just passed away. My 9yr old read it at her funeral. I think it applies to any Mother, Grandmother, Daughter or Sister

  • A New Elf Love

    A poem of new love

  • The Keeper of the Wood

    A poem about Haldir

  • Menelmir's Tale

    A longwinded verse about a man, a couple of elves, and a giant sea squid.

  • Galadriel - lady of light

  • The Sorrow of Eowyn

    "The House of Eorl, reduced to not; to her people, she has no hope to bring"

  • Of Love and Consequences

    The poem of Arwen and her choice

  • From Death, Life

    In hopes of an everafter...

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