• "RIde Forth!

    What exactly did the men of the Ridermark see as they rode into battle on the Pelannor fields? What did they feel every time a new enemy approached? Yes, I was watching the Return of The King on TNT as I wrote this, and I wrote it in...ummm...5 min?

  • Lay of the Shieldmaid-The Rohirrim remember Éowyn in song

    The Rohirrim remember Éowyn in song.

  • Lone Stranger

    I guess you have to read it to find out what it's about!

  • All My Life

    basically, this is eowyn talking about aragorn before he's turned her down

  • Hail the King

    the ode on king Ellesar The Second

  • In Memory

    `ok... dont sue me... im not stealing my own work, but my computer published the wrong versoion of my poem. So, enjoy! and can you tell who it is about? "

  • Be Brave

    Sam's words to Frodo as they climb through Gorgoroth.

  • I Am No Man

    A free verse poem about Eowyn

  • The Young Ride off to War

    A poem about the young at war

  • Dawn at Helm's Deep

    An old man's memory of the battle of Helm's Deep

  • Memory

    ok, so i hope you people enjoy, please read/review

  • Peace

    an alternative view of the returning warriors

  • Lament of Minas tirith

    Don't worry- I am not using someone elses material-this is mine. the system kicked out my old membership so I got a new one and published it again, just to see the reaction

  • C'est loup garou

    "The moon hangs above like a drop of milk in the dark of woe..."

  • Ellessar

    From my heart to yours- the song of the War

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