• The road ahead is long-

    What I believe the hobbits might have learned as children, and now has taken on a new significance.

  • The Lament of Hirgon's Son

    This had been in my head a long time before I wrote it, so I was glad to see it in a finished form.

  • Eldiaron's lament

    how Eldiaron might have felt

  • The Fall of Nolofinwë

    A song composed by Men of Hísilómë lamenting the Fall of Nolofinwë after the Dagor Bragollach. According to Eluwë as it was told to Belen, it was sung in Rivendell before the departure of Elrond in the Third Age and is sung in Valinor as well for it is honored by the Vanyar.

  • The Horror of My Empty Soul

    Aragon pondering the choice of becoming who he was born to be

  • The Final Chapter of the Great Elves

    All good things must come to an end.


    ya know..the first time i read Tolkien`s LOTR i was enthralled, captivated, the whole nine yards... i even composed a poem based on The Fellowship Of The Ring way back in 2001..and i promptly lost it..probably offended my house-elf or something.. anyway, was just clearing all my old stuff when- wonder of wonders- i found my notes that i`d used to compose the poem...yippee!!! so here goes - enjoy it all you tolkien fans..its all mine..( except the first eight lines..duh!! ) maybe a tad amateurish but i like to think of it as my personal tribute to tolkien

  • Your Passion Summoned Me

    Aragon finally lets love in...

  • Carradhras

    A little bit symbolistic one...

  • what do hobbits do?

    yup it's weird..

  • So it Begins

    What exactly did theadon thin kof before and during the battle of Helms deep?

  • Song of a Rohirrin Dreamer

    Short poem about rohirrin horses.

  • The Ring Poem in albanian

    A translation of my own of the Ring Poem from the english version. I don't know if any of you speaks albanian, but I am sure that all of you know the english version of the poem.

  • Namárië, Valimar!

    A poem brought about by reading the preface to the Silmarillion, especially by Tolkien's words, "mortality is not explained mythically: it is a mystery of God of which no more is known than that 'which God has purposed for Men is hidden': a grief and an envy to the immortal Elves." Enjoy!

  • Im Mel U-Si

    a pair of elvish quattrains

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