"RIde Forth!

Horns sounding!<br /> Ere the sun rises,<br /> To battle we are riding!<br /> <br /> Fighting all around us,<br /> Fear may grip our hearts,<br /> But the king is with us,<br /> And he shall not depart.<br /> <br /> Forward! He is crying,<br /> Eomer&#65533; by his side,<br /> Forward, for the red dawn!<br /> Filling our hearts with pride.<br /> <br /> Listen to the cries<br /> Of our mortal foes,<br /> Listen as they retreat<br /> And we press on with mortal blows.<br /> <br /> &#65533;Fight on!&#65533; our king is calling<br /> &#65533;Make safe the city!&#65533; he cries,<br /> But suddenly, a sound,<br /> Druming!, we turn in suprise&#65533;<br /> <br /> Could this be the end?<br /> &#65533;Reform the Line!&#65533; he screams.<br /> Now the horn is sounding,<br /> And we rush to meet,<br /> <br /> The dreadful Oliphants<br /> The stomping foot steps sound,<br /> Rattling our very bones,<br /> As the dead fall down,<br /> <br /> All around are dead,<br /> And dying calling out,<br /> The screams of fellow men,<br /> As the livings shout,<br /> <br /> But low! The tide is turning,<br /> As one topples into the next<br /> Could it be this stranger,<br /> Durnhelm, this strange perplex.<br /> <br /> But ere, how fear is griping,<br /> And the city begins to fall,<br /> Could it be were losing?<br /> Will we head death's call.<br /> <br /> But listen as the sea calls,<br /> The white shores, <br /> past the gray Curtain<br /> The villains have broken through the doors,<br /> <br /> &#65533;TO me!&#65533; our king is crying.<br /> But a horrid sound resounds,<br /> And he's thrown from his saddle,<br /> To lay upon the ground<br /> <br /> &#65533;I will kill you if you touch him!&#65533; <br /> It's Durnhelm who stands in his way,<br /> For the Nazgul has come,<br /> To kill the king, his prey.<br /> <br /> &#65533;Fool,&#65533; he's softly mocking,<br /> and look, another man,<br /> rises from the battle field,<br /> to make an amazing stand <br /> <br /> and look, unto the east, <br /> their evil pirates come, <br /> But low! Tis not all villainy,<br /> But Aragorn, Arathorn's son!<br /> <br /> Yet, the Nazgul comes,<br /> &#65533;NO man can kill me,&#65533; he says.<br /> But, can it be that truly,<br /> This Durnhelm is no man?<br /> <br /> <br /> Yes, it is our lady,<br /> And she fights still on,<br /> Even as the Black breath comes upon her,<br /> And her strength is gone.<br /> <br /> Now, the foul king is dead,<br /> But where lies our own?<br /> He is lying on the ground,<br /> His breath nearly gone!<br /> <br /> Slowly, she crawls towards him,<br /> A smile on his face,<br /> As he sees his loved one,<br /> In his dying place,<br /> <br /> &#65533;I know your face,&#65533; he whispers,<br /> &#65533;Eowyn, My eyes are falling dim,&#65533;<br /> &#65533;No,&#65533; she whispers on<br /> &#65533;I'll save you, if I can.&#65533;<br /> <br /> &#65533;My body is broken.&#65533; He murmers<br /> &#65533;I go to my fathers, in whose <br /> company I shall not be shamed,&#65533;<br /> and his eyes grow dim, with the last breath he draws<br /> <br /> Now, our hope is falling,<br /> But only at the end,<br /> For now, the end is drawing near,<br /> And now we see a friend,<br /> <br /> Aragorn has brought,<br /> Allies from afar,<br /> But they are not of this world,<br /> And yet, they free the white star,<br /> <br /> That is the beautiful city,<br /> And the war has come to a close,<br /> The field is strewn with friends,<br /> And our fallen foes,<br /> <br /> The city still burns in places,<br /> But those will be put out,<br /> As the living and wounded,<br /> Scan the field of doubt.<br /> <br /> They vanish on the wind, <br /> The strangers from afar,<br /> And now, look to the west,<br /> Shines a brighter star,<br /> <br /> So help us to rebuild,<br /> And rebuild we shall,<br /> On top of shattered dreams<br /> We make a solemn vow,<br /> <br /> That Gondor and The Ridermark,<br /> Together shall be one,<br /> Now and forever,<br /> Ere the rising sun.<br />
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