• The Dead Marshes.

    The dead marhes through the eyes of a child who witnessed it. Though it may be your initial reponse, please keep in mind that it is not based off any real characture from Lord of the Rings. I made this one all up. Please comment.

  • Don't Go Where I Can't Follow (Revised)

    Some people asked me to expand this poem. I didn't want it to sound too forced, but I finally did it.

  • Philosopher of Pureness

    A farewell to a gentle friend.

  • Flashback

    A haiku about the way a scent can bring back memories of things long forgotten.

  • Gold

    This explains what the wearer or the ring feels because he wants to believe because it's beautiful, it's good. He says in reality the ring is heavy but in his dreams it's light. He says the gold feels cool, but admits he feels like he's burning up when he holds it. He says the uncertainty almost makes him distrust it but beauty brings him back again. Actually quite sad what the ring can do. Please comment.

  • Roses Have Thorns

    How smooth- talking- Sauron tricks the kings of men into becoming wraiths. I wrote this out of a case of extreme boredom,so please excuse any grammatical badness and mistakes in English. Okay so I may have kinda hit it home a bit, but hey, I was really bored.

  • Voices in the Dark

    Gollums story. I know it's a bit repetitive, but I wanted it like that. I hope you enjoy it.

  • The End of Hope

    In the movies and books, no one had any hope except evil. But good fought on and that is why they ultimately won.

  • Thoughts From Atop Hollin Ridge

    Elin dantath ú-silath andavë or "Fallen Stars Don't Shine For Long"

  • Great Horse King

    A tribute to Theoden

  • Something Lingers in Your Heart

    This poem just popped out of my head. Some of it rhymes and some of it doesn't. Using the inspiration from Tolkien I quickly finished. I hope you dear reader like it and thank you for sparing some time to read it.

  • Gethír Tinúviel

    This was based on a dream I had about a very special girl that I hold dear to my heart. Ever since I have spoken Elvish, I gave her the name Gethír Tinúviel. Gethír means smile because she makes me smile and Tinúviel is taken from the Elvish beauty, Lúthien. Her voice is soft and it calms me, and her beauty competes with Lúthien herself. :) enjoy.

  • Narn Min Cor: Tale of the One Ring

    I wrote this poem about four years ago while I was still attending school. To put it short and sweet, its a rhyming narrative of the entire Lord of the Rings story. I never really thought it was much good because I don't generally write poetry, though it did win me a few school poetry competitions.

  • i-Valrog o Moria

    This is a poem I wrote about the Balrog in Moria. If you see any mistakes, please tell me. And I also have the Engwar (Elven Script) of this poem too. Sindarin with English translation. Enjoy? :D

  • Ned Lothlórien Arad [A day in Lothlorien]

    This is for the Sindarin lovers and readers out there. I won't give you the English translation, because that would make things way TOO easy. :) If you spot any spelling or grammatical errors, I would love for you to point them out. Thanks.

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