Top 10 Reasons the Fellowship Should Not Be in the US Congress

10. Chain mail and leather (or velvet in Legolas&#8217; case) is not considered the proper attire in Congress. <br /> 9. Frodo would look constantly bewildered, every now and then trying to bring up the situation concerning the One Ring. <br /> 8. Aragorn would have to be reminded that there is no monarchy in the USA. <br /> 7. Sam would brandish his frying pan threateningly if anyone tried to debate anything with Frodo. <br /> 6. Boromir would repeatedly rise, crying, &#8220;Gondor will see it done!&#8221; <br /> 5. After many attempts to declare that Gollum had escaped Mirkwood, and that he was most definitely the prettiest, Legolas would get flustered and shoot the Speaker of the House. <br /> 4. Congress podiums are not as resilient to Dwarf ax blows as the One Ring. <br /> 3. During a heated debate, Gandalf would stand and start bellowing the speech of Mordor. <br /> 2. Merry and Pippin would ask many times if a filibuster was a type of &#8216;shroom&#8217;. <br /> 1. The Fellowship of the Ring might actually get something done!
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