Sméagol Be Good! - Sung to the tune of "Johnny B. Good"

(sung to the tune of "Johnny B. Good!")

High up in Ephel Dúath close to Minas Morgul
Along an evil path named Cirith Ungol.
Marched the Ringbearer and Sam in their hoods
Led by a wretched thing called Sméagol (when good),
Who promised on the Precious to obey,
But when Frodo was sleeping
thought ‘bout taking the Ring.

No, no, no, Sméagol, no, no, no, Sméagol, no no!
No Sméagol, no, no, no, Sméagol, no, no!
Sméagol be good!

His bad side told him "with this you’ll be The Gollum
And you will be the leader of all the lands!
Many people coming from miles to pay
You tribute by with fresh
fish three times a day!
But Sam work up to the morning light,
saying, "Sméagol be good!"

Elvis at Helm's Deep
"Return of the King"
Third Age Tour

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