I Got Stung! - Sung to the tune of "I Got Stung!"

(sung to the tune of "I Got Stung!")

I never thought this could happen to me!

Mm, yeah! Mm, yeah!

I got stung that spider Shelob!
Oh, what a feeling come over me!
It started in my eyes,
Crept up to my head,
Flew to my heart,
Till I was stung dead!
I'm done, uh-uh.
I got stung!

Mm, yeah! Mm, yeah!

She had all that I wanted and more,
Never tasting hobbit before!
Started stingin' in my ear,
Stingin' in my brain,
Got stung all over,
But I feel no pain!
I'm done, uh-uh.
I got stung!

Now, don't think I'm complainin'!
The Ring escaped her net
'Cause she gimme just one little peck
On the back of my neck
And I break out in a cold cold sweat.
If I live to a hundred and two
I won't ever forget that sting from you!
I'll be takin' the next boat
To Valinor
And I'm never gonna leave once I arrive
'Cause I'm done!
Uh-uh, I got stung!

Elvis at Helm's Deep
"Return of the King"
Third Age Tour

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