How your Lord of the Rings obsession affects your family and friends

1. Your younger siblings are no longer afraid to go to sleep because you hung a poster of Aragorn wielding his sword by their bed. <br /> <br /> 2. The female members of your house hold have seen every new movie with Orlando Bloom in it. <br /> <br /> 3. Your younger siblings now call Santa, Gandalf.<br /> <br /> 4. Your parents have bought movie tickets in advance, without you asking for them.<br /> <br /> 5. Your father plays with your Lotr action figures. <br /> <br /> 6. Your newborn cousin's first word was in elvish. <br /> <br /> 7. At least two other members of your house hold have have a Lord of the Rings desktop background or screensaver. <br /> <br /> 8. Your family's Christmas cards feature a picture of Saruman in a santa hat on the front.<br /> <br /> 9. Your friends know not to mention ring in your presence.<br /> <br /> 10. Even your closest friends are contently going on vacation until The Return of the King is out of theatres. <br /> <br /> 11. Your friends refuse to go in a bowling alley with you because they know you like to stare at the bowling balls, insisting that there're plantirs. <br /> <br /> 12. You bought rogain as Christmas presents for all of your family members for their feet to withstand the cold.<br /> <br /> 13. Your parents continually find their gold rings in the fireplace. <br /> <br /> 14. Your friends and you spend the entire lunch period at school deciding who looks most like which character. <br /> <br /> 15. You're trying to decide what to do and go into &quot;Smeagol&quot; and &quot;Gollum&quot; mode.<br /> <br /> 16. You start quoting things from the movie randomly without thinking about it. <br /> <br /> 17. Every time you see a black horse you do a Righwraith scream. <br /> <br /> 18. Every time you look at your little brother your thinking, &quot;the eye is ALWAYS watching.&quot;<br /> <br /> 19. You start having urges for lembas and tea. <br /> <br /> 20. You find yourself saying &quot;my precious&quot; to inanimate objects.<br /> <br /> 21. Whenever you go fishing you hear a little voice inside your head saying, &quot;but Deagol it's my birthday.&quot;<br /> <br /> 22. Every birthday part you have, when you blow out the candles on the cake, you wish for a sword, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortenson, Liv Tyler, Miranda Otto (all of those depending on which sex you are :P ) or a PONY.<br /> <br /> 23. You start signing letters and emails &quot;May the Valar protect you.&quot;<br /> <br /> 24. Everytime you see or hear potatoes, you get a sudden craving for fish and chips.
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