Caption Contest, Week Seven!!! - Aragorn Grapples with RingWraith!

After an unsuccessful attempt at witty banter
Aragorn resorts to a game of rock,scissors, paper to defeat the ringwraith...
Aragorn: "HAHA! Rock blunts sword!!"

Ringwraith: "Oh darn. Best of three?"

We all recall the gripping scene where Aragorn grapples with the RingWraith! The Gripping Grapple Scene!
But wait... that wasn't in the book! There must be some other explanation. What ARE they doing? Or saying? Come up with a humourous caption for this image, and post it in the comments section of this page. Remember, this is a "family site" so keep all entries clean and innocent.

If you click the thumbnail, you will see a larger version of the picture. But please remember to come BACK to *this* page to post your comments. Don't post them on the page with the larger image!

As always, the only prize is the satisfaction of a job well done. Last week's satisfaction was awarded to DaisyTighfield_Tookb, for "So, Lurtz, what you're saying is that you spent 3 days in the Isengard freezers and still couldn't find my vanilla ice cream?!"
See the picture and caption for last week's caption contest in the "Reading Room"!

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