Caption Contest, Week Four! - Elrond and the Last Alliance

Ok, stand still, straighten up... why is Peter Jackson waving at me and pointing on the dressing room?!
What's up with Elrond? Think of a humorous caption for this picture, but remember this is a "family site". Keep it clean!

To view a larger image, click the thumbnail to the right, but remember to use the BACK button on your browser to come back to THIS PAGE to post your comment. Do not post the comment on the page with the larger image!

Last week's winner was "Go on, Mr. Frodo. Merry and Pippin are doing it. We have to mark our territory so the wolves don't come back." submitted by Gaerin, although some of the late entries were close runners up! You can view that, and other caption contests, in the Reading Room Humor section!

As always, the only prize is the satisfaction of a job well done.:-)

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