Caption Contest, week five! - The infamous Boromir and the Ring picture!

Look, its a simple choice - either I make it into the second film, or I swallow this now...

The infamous "Boromir holds the Ring (by the chain)" picture! Now is your chance to show what's really going on in this often debated image. Make a humorous caption for the picture. To see a larger image, click on the thumbnail to the right, but be sure to come BACK to this page to post your comment (don't post it on the page with the larger image).

As always, the only prize is the satisfaction of a job well done!:-) Remember, this is a "family friendly" website, so keep all entries "clean".

Last week's winner was "Ok, stand still, straighten up... why is Peter Jackson waving at me and pointing on the dressing room?!" by Black Guard 109.

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