Caption Contest, week 11! - Bilbo looks happy!

"Aah, the UPS is finally here with my new typewriter!"

Bilbo sure looks happy! I wonder why?

Think of a humourous caption for this image, and post it in the comments section of this page.

If you wish to see a larger image, click the thumbnail, but be sure to come back to THIS page before posting your comment. Do not post the caption on the page with the large image!

TolkienOnline is a "family friendly" site, so keep all captions "clean."

As always, the only prize is the satisfaction of a job well done!

This week's winner is KeeperOfDoriath with
"Aah, the UPS is finally here with my new typewriter."

Last week's caption contest winner was Tom Fool of a Took with: "It's not that easy keeping a secret from your best friends! We could read it all over your face!"
A close runner up was Dernhelm Brandybuck with "I can't BELIEVE it! Darth Vader's my father???"

To see this and other caption contests, click the "caption contest" link above.

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