Caption Contest 56!!! - The Fellowship of The Ring!

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Legolas: PJ, you have to re-cast Boromir, he's prettier than me!

Looks like the Fellowship is eagerly awaiting the start of their mission. Who are they listening to? What are they looking at? What are they thinking? And how did Boromir find a good plastic surgeon that quickly?

Think of a humorous caption for this image, and post it in the comments section of THIS page. You can click the thumbnail (and in the case of this image, I strongly recommend it) to see a larger image, but be sure to return to this page before posting your caption.

As always, the only prize is the "satisfaction of a job well done." 


This week's winner was 'Artemis of Penns Woods' with "Legolas: 'PJ, you have to re-cast Boromir. He's prettier than me!"


We had a number of good entries! Second place was a late entry but near winner, due to the perfect timing:


"Yes, nine tickets for Return of the King, please?"


Other runners up:



"Merry to Pippin: Is that a cell phone?
Pippin: Please, you know how my mom makes me call her as soon as we start on a journey so she'll know when to expect me back. "


"As Sam and Frodo ride off into the distance, Merry wonders if a five-ounce bird really could carry a one-pound coconut."


"Boromir attempts to supress a guilty smirk, as Elrond franticly searches for the shards of Narsil."


"Frodo and Sam decided that they couldn't wait any longer for the line to the bathroom"


"The Fellowship suddenly became leery of crossing the bridge after Sam couldn't answer the questions three."


Last week's caption contest winner was  Celtic Fairy with   Sam: "Crouch down and hide Mr. Frodo! I think we shot one spitball too many! " To see this, and other past caption contests, click the link atop this page!:)

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