CAPTION CONTEST 25!!!!!!! - Gimli, the wisest and fairest of Dwarves

Uncle Gimli, where do babies come from?"Uncle Gimli, where do babies come from?"

Hmmm... What piece of wise advice is Gimli Giving? Or is he giving advice at all? What is happening in this picture?

Write a humorous (AND CLEAN) caption for this picture, and insert it in the "comments" section of THIS page.  You can click the thumbnail to see a larger image, but remember to come back to THIS page to post the caption. Remember, we are a "family friendly" site, so keep captions "G" rated .

As always, the only prize is the "satisfaction of a job well done". Last week's winner was Delving with  'No Dramamine! And only last night you said to yourself: "Sam, what about a bit of Dramamine? You'll want it, if you haven't got it." Well, I'll want it. I can't get it now. '

To see this and other caption contests, click the 'caption contest' link at the top of  this article.

This week's winner is goatboy, with "Uncle Gimli, where do babies come from?"




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