An Intruder in Lorien

<p>&nbsp;</p><p> An elf walked through the thick trees in the woods of Lorien. Suddenly, a figure came out through the brush, crawling on all fours.<br /> &quot;Who are you?&quot; asked the elf.<br /> &quot;Why, I am a hobbit, good sir.&quot; said the man.<br /> &quot;No, you are not! a hobbit is a little man!&quot;<br /> &quot;I am a litlle man! Why else would I be so close to the ground like this?&quot;<br /> &quot;Hobbits walk on two feet.&quot;<br /> The man squatted on the ground. &quot;See? I walk on two feet. I am a hobbit.&quot;<br /> &quot;Can you walk like that? I see you stand, not walk.&quot;<br /> The man took two, slow, tottering steps. &quot;See? I walk. A hobbit.&quot;<br /> &quot;Okay, crazy.&quot; the elf started to walk away.<br /> &quot;Goodbye, elfie.&quot;<br /> **********************************************************************************************<br /> The same elf was walking through the forest the next day when the man again came out through the brush, this time wearing huge ears strapped to his head.<br /> &quot;Now who are you?&quot; the elf asked.<br /> &quot;I am an Oliphaunt.&quot;<br /> &quot;How can you be an Oliphaunt? They are hundreds of feet into the air!&quot;<br /> &quot;I am a very small Oliphaunt.&quot;<br /> &quot;I don't see your trunk.&quot;<br /> &quot;I bit it off.&quot;<br /> &quot;With what tusks?&quot;<br /> &quot;They fell off.&quot;<br /> &quot;Okay. whatever.&quot;<br /> &quot;Bye, elfie.&quot;<br /> **********************************************************************************************<br /> The elf wasn't surprised when again the man showed up the next day with long, blonde hair and the &quot;Oliphaunt&quot; ears.<br /> &quot;Let me guess. you're an elf.&quot;<br /> &quot;Yes!&quot;<br /> &quot;The ears are a little big.&quot;<br /> &quot;A simple genetic mutation.&quot;<br /> &quot;They're not pointy enough.&quot;<br /> &quot;I told you, a genetic mutation!&quot;<br /> &quot;All right. Whatever. See you later, &quot;Elfie.&quot;<br /> &quot;That's my line, elfie.&quot;<br /> &quot;Good-bye.&quot;<br /> &quot;Bye.&quot;<br /> **********************************************************************************************<br /> The man stepped out of the bushes.<br /> &quot;I'm a Giant-&quot;<br /> &quot;-but a very small giant. I get it.&quot;<br /> &quot;Exactly!&quot;<br /> &quot;Well, see you later.&quot;<br /> &quot;Bye, elfie.&quot;<br /> The man went back into the bushes and returned a few minutes later.<br /> &quot;I'm a dwarf!&quot;<br /> &quot;A very tall dwarf?&quot;<br /> &quot;You're very good at this guessing game.&quot;<br /> &quot;You're a very good actor.&quot;<br /> &quot;Dwarf.&quot;<br /> &quot;Excuse me?&quot;<br /> &quot;Not actor. Dwarf.&quot;<br /> &quot;Right.&quot;<br /> &quot;Well, bye, elfie.&quot;<br /> &quot;Bye, dwarf.&quot;</p>
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