10 Signs You Are In Middle-earth

10 Signs You Are In Middle-earth<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> 10. You think you are being followed by the ghosts of dead Mounties.<br /> 9. You now have a bad case of arachnophobia.<br /> 8. The cruise you are going on is only a one-way trip.<br /> 7. You find yourself in the middle of a conversation with a large Chia Pet, who hates hastiness.<br /> 6. The elves (who seem much taller than you imagined) cannot tell you what you will be getting for Christmas because they claim they do not know any Santa Claus.<br /> 5. There is a ban on spelunking due to recent deaths.<br /> 4. When you give someone a friendly &#8220;Good morning&#8221;, they interrogate you about its real meaning.<br /> 3. You realize that money does not grow on trees... But mallorn leaves do!<br /> 2. When you ask if anyone has heard of The Lord of the Rings, they shudder and run away.<br /> And the number one reason that you know you are in Middle-earth:<br /> You are approached by hole dwelling children who claim they are older <br /> than you are.
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