Why we shouldn't read and/or write LotR SLASH - LotR SLASH

You people like fanfiction,right?Do you like SLASH?
Did you know that LotR is the 3rd most popular movie to have slash written on it?It's true.

Millions of people write LotR SLASH on websites.It is said that the age variety of those that write LotR SLASH is 8 and above.Most of the peeps who write SLASH aren't even gay.

For anyone who doesn't know SLASH is gay fanfiction where 2 people of the same gender have sex.Like LotR SLASH would be Legolas and Gimli or Aragorn and Boromir.Some of the worst sites with LotR SLASH is:

LotR SLASH is very terrible.It should be stopped.I mean LotR is Christian based and people defile it by writing gay fanfiction.I mean think of it this way:

What if you wrote a book,and you were a Christian,and millions of ppl were writing gay fanfiction about your char.

And what if you were in a movie,and ppl were writing gay fanfiction about you.

It is something that shouldn't be done.Tolkien would be horrified if he could see what peeps wrote about his beloved characters.

I have read countless SLASH,and its GROSS.My BFF is into SLASH,and I'm trying to get her to stop.Sean Astin read a fanfiction about he and Frodo and he wrote an article about it.Some of the actors are actually seeing what people write about them,and they don't like it.You wouldn't either.

So please,PLEASE,don't write or read LotR SLASH.It's very wrong,and should be stopped.

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