Legolas Greenleaf: Beyond The Movies - Ever wondered what the character of Legolas is like? I mean beyond the movies? If so, check it out!

Legolas Greenleaf
Beyond the movies

Legolas is a silvan elf, and son of Thranduil, who is ruler and king of the elves of Mirkwood, the largest forest in Middle earth. His name, Legolas, comes from the elvish words "laeg", meaning either "foilage" or "leaves", and "golas", which means "collection of" (therefore, the name Greenleaf).

He journeys to Rivendell, to bring news to Elrond Halfelven that Gollum had escaped. Aragorn and Gandalf had captured Gollum some time before and had taken him to Mirkwood, to be gaurded by the elves there. Legolas journeys to Rivendell as a messenger from his father, to tell Elrond Halfelven that Gollum had escaped.

The elves of mirkwood (being elves, and you know how kind-hearted they are), sometimes took Gollum under heavy gaurd into the forest to let him climb a tall tree that grew there. Gollum somehow managed to send a message to his orcish friends for help, and the elves standing gaurd beneath the tree were atacked by the orcs, and in the turmoil of the battle, Gollum escaped.

He journeys to Rivendell, and is present at the council of Elrond, although in the books he plays only a small part there, telling Elrond of Gollum's escape from mirkwood. He does not volenteer himself as one of the fellowship, but rather is chosen by Elrond himself to represent elves on the quest, as are the others (except Merry and Pippin) to represent their own races.

Each of the company helped the fellowship in his own different ways. Legolas, by his keen senses, sight, hearing, ect., by using his bow, arrows, and knives to defend the fellowship, and by killing a winged beast at the falls of Rauros, to mention only a few examples.

At the start of their journey, he, like all other elves, feels a deep animosity towards the race of dwarves, and he and Gimli don't get along so well, as dwarves in return, distrust elves. But as they travel and face danger and hardship together, their misconceptions give way to friendship, and they remain friends for the rest of their days (Gimli's days, at least).

When they meet Gandalf in Fangorn, he has messages for both Aragorn and Legolas from Galadriel.

"Legolas Greenleaf, long under tree,
In joy thou hast lived, beware of the sea!
When thou hearest the cry of the gull on the shore,
Thy heart shall then rest in the forest no more."

The message is a warning to him that soon he would hear the call that many other elves were also hearing then, and obeying: the call of the sea, that was summoning the elves to the Undying Lands.

While riding through Fangorn, he sees the trees moving and wants to take a closer look, but is begged not to by Gimli, who is not all that interested in them. Later, Gimli tells him all about the caves at Aglarond, which are the caves in Helm's Deep. Legolas hated caves and things like that, while Gimli was afraid of the Ents of Fangorn.

They strike a deal, that should they make it out of their adventure alive, they would journey throughout Middle Earth together, Legolas would return to Aglarond with Gimli, if Gimli in turn, would go with him to Fangorn.

After the Ring is destroyed, they make their trip, Gimli starts a settlement of dwarves at Aglarond and rules there for many years, and Legolas takes some Mirkwood elves and journeys to Fangorn, starts a city there, and soon transforms it into one of the most beautiful places in Middle Earth.

Many years later, Legolas builds a boat, and, taking Gimli with him, sails to the Undying Lands,becoming one of the very last Elves to leave Middle Earth.

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