ELENDUR - The One Who Would Have Been King (a study)

"My KIng," said Elendur, "Ciryon is dead and Aratan is dying. Our last counsellor must advise nay command you, as you commanded Ohtar. Go! Take your burden , and at all costs bring it to the Keepers: even at the cost of abandoning your men and me!"
"King's son," said Isildur, "I know that I must do so; but I feared the pain. Nor could I go without your leave. Forgive me, and my pride that has brought you to this doom." Elendur kissed him. "Go! Go now!" he said.
So perished Elendur, who should afterwards have been king, and as all foretold who knew him, in his strength and wisdom, and his majesty without pride, one of the greatest, the fairest of the seed of Elendil, most like to his grandsire. (Disaster of Gladden Fields, Unfinished Tales pp.286-287)

It is said in later days those (such as Elrond) whose memories recalled him were struck by the likeness to him, in body and mind of King Elessar (Aragorn), the victor of the War of the Ring, in which both the Ring and Sauron were ended forever. Elessar was, according to the records of the Dunedain, the descendant in the 38th degree of Elendur's brother Valandil. So long was it before he was avenged. (Notes, Unfinished Tales p.296)

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