Tolkien's Effects on the Real World - How Tolkien Really Effects the Fantasy of Our World.

The most of us read or play fantasy. Whether if it is in an online ANSI game or in today's literature or even in AD&D private games: Tolkien effects our lives extremely, and most of the people not aware it and take it obviously!

The classic explanation to what I am trying to say is that Tolkien wrote `Dwarves' instead of the correct form `dwarfs' to separate the Dwarf race from the stupid fairy tales of our world. Today, people use the `dwarves' form in many cases instead of 'dwarfs'.

All the AD&D and role playing game designers were extremely effected from Tolkien's masterpieces. As you know, the races in Baldur's Gate based on Tolkien unique races such as: Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and orcs (witch is the most pure invention of Tolkien).

A little about me: it's my first article on Tolkien On-Line, my first article about Tolkien, and my first article in English (English is only my second language) so please don't be critical;-)

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