Censorship: The Band On Lord Of The Rings - A review and information on the banning of Tolkein's work, through-out The U.S.

Censorship. One thing that was being prevented in the 1940's, during WW2. Hitler, was censoring the German nation's eyes on the real problems, and blaming it all on the Jewish Community. Thousands today, in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lybia, are still plagued by the controlling government, who tries to shield them from "unhealthy" or "sacreligious" ideas. Lord of the Rings, written in the early 1900's by J.R.R. Tolkein, is one that is still challenged. Communities across America are banning books in the genre of Lord of the Rings, for their "fantasy ideas" and "sacrilegious" beleifs. There's one problem with that theory: religion, is rarely mentioned in Lord of the Rings, nor do they have discussions on Creation, God, or any other idols, for that matter. It's also challenged for it's "Satanic ideas on witchcraft and evil". My theories on censorship are as follows:
1.) It is not a communities place in society to ban books. If parents want to shelter their children, that's fine. This is a FREE country. Therefore, freedom of Speech and beleifs.
2.) If you don't want your children/family to read the book, that's your choice. But don't punish those who DO wish to enjoy the book.

If you agree with me, it's a good thing. We need to fight these communist communities, who think they have the right to control people. If you disagree, or do not know anything on the topic, however, I would strongly advise and recomend that you get information, and decide wisely. I will have a petition out soon, for those of you who agree to sign[if you wish] that I'm sending to the President of the United States, to try and get him to take into account the issue of censorship.
Thanks for your time.

-Steve J. Meyers

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