An Ideal Location, which has now passed.... - Ireland (IVREN As descibed in the History of Middle Earth)

IRELAND-An Ideal Location some might say for the epic films that have now been shot in the lands of New-Zealand. Ireland lost its opportunity to reveal her splendour on set of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Her timeless landscapes, glorius scenery, SIMILIAR IN FACT TO New Zealand (and indeed the references to Middle-earth) but more glorious! It was all there for the taking of Peter Jackson, but it wasn't acted upon. Sadly.

The low cost of producing a film on Irish soil is surprisingly low. New Line Cinema would have not just have benifited from this low cost setting, but of the splendour of the countryside which held myths and legends of its own. It too would have been an ideal location, a lot closer to home for the actors involved-Sir Ian McKellen would have a had a little journey over water from England and his American counterparts would have had less to travel considering the huge journey they had to the other side of the world. It was the ideal choice of Mel Gibson too, Braveheart was filmed largely on the Island due to its beauty. And look how well the scenery in that film helped it achieve its atmosphere.

I have to say though im not at all that dissapointed from the production thus far. I have already heard news of Enya a Haunting Irish singer, will be lending her voice to the film. Not only that, but Irish Bodhrans and harps will make their sound be heard and Celtic motifs too will become common place upon the shields and banners of several armies in the the films. Fantastic!(The Bodhran was used in Irish battles to scare the enemy).

So can anyone see why Ireland would have been an ideal location?

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