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  • The Nine - Chapter Ten: The End of Days (1/2)

    It turned out my last chapter for this series was so long I had to split it into two parts! It ties up a few of the storylines and flashbacks in the previous chapters as well as further exploring the characters and motives of the Nazgul, here in particular Khamul. I hope the amount of time I spent writing this was worth it...!

  • Ned Lothl√≥rien Arad [A day in Lothlorien]

    This is for the Sindarin lovers and readers out there. I won't give you the English translation, because that would make things way TOO easy. :) If you spot any spelling or grammatical errors, I would love for you to point them out. Thanks.

  • The Nine - [Penultimate] Chapter Nine: Abominations

    The last of the Nazgul, Uvatha, goes to aid Dwar at Erebor, where their foes, the men of Dale and the Dwarves of Erebor, seem to be greater warriors than they could have imagined. [Featuring some guest appearances from the Dwarves from The Hobbit!]

  • Silvren's Journey- The End of All Things -Chap 1

    Silvren scooted closer into Legolas’ embrace as the dark mist gathered about them. They could hear the voices and whispering and groaning as the ground began to shake beneath them. Silvren shuddered as her eyes darted about her, watching the darkness creep by them. It wasn’t long before the mist had passed and the ground stopped shaking but it seemed to last a long time. No one slept anymore that night even though nothing strange was to be heard or seen except that water came rushing into the riverbed beside them.

  • Frisian translation The Hobbit

    A few verses from the Dwarf Song (a poem in The Hobbit), taken from a Frisian translation of The Hobbit I published this autumn. If you'd like more info, please see the topic on the Forum (or visit [url][/url]!

  • In The Wild

    It could be sang by the four hobbits after they left the safe walls of the Shire,and they first experienced the strangeness and hidden dangers of the outside world.

  • A New Fwllowship TT

    Chapter 5

  • Buried...not forgotten III

    The continuaton...

  • The Nine: Chapter Eight - The Mountain's Heart

    This chapter chronicles the tragic fall of a man with a peaceful life into the most verminous and blasphemous of the Nazgul, as the War of the Ring begins to go ill for the forces of darkness.

  • The Nine - Chapter Seven: The Court of the Ice King

    I've spent quite a while on this chapter, and am quite proud of it! It details the female Nazgul Adunaphel, and Khamul, before they became Ringwraiths travelling to a distant land with promises of Sauron's aid.

  • Silvren's Journey-UTTT-Chap 11

    "I want you to go with the women and children." Legolas said to Silvren as he walked up and stood in front of her. "You are mad if you believe I will abandon you after all this." she replied as she shook her head and looked up at him, her eyes shining with unshed tears, "Please, Silvren. Do this for me, Aragorn and your father." he pleaded one last time. "No. I won’t leave you." she said firmly.

  • Defining the Name

    In the middle of the now empty encampment, Mithnen fell to her knees and wept. Tears ran down her face and splashed onto the ground, pockmarking the dirt.

  • old friends

    Can Legolas Remember every thing that happened in his life? He will meet some one he has not seen in years. Will he fall in love with her or not? Read to find out.

  • A Temptation Even Greater Than Mushrooms

    It seems stealing mushrooms wasn't the only thing that got Frodo on Farmer Maggot's bad side.

  • The Nine - Chapter Six: Phantom Divisions

    Focusing on the Nazgul Hoarmurath, the Undying, this chapter sees the Nine struggling to cope with the last stages of the Pelennor and the bold heroes they must combat.

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