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  • Something Lingers in Your Heart

    This poem just popped out of my head. Some of it rhymes and some of it doesn't. Using the inspiration from Tolkien I quickly finished. I hope you dear reader like it and thank you for sparing some time to read it.

  • The Rogue Prince - VII: The Prince Goes East

    Part seven in the ten-part series detailing the life of one of Harad's greatest champions.

  • Grief of the North Kingdom (a novel)

    CHAPTER FIVE - Vilthavia and the survivors of the avalanche continue their desperate struggle through the mountains, where natural perils threaten to overwhelm them before they can reach the safety of Eriador.

  • The Rogue Prince - VI: Partings At The Oasis

    The sixth in the series sees Amur reach the oasis of Dharan-sar with the remainder of his companions, until tragedy befalls once again.

  • A New TT

    Chapter 7

  • The Rogue Prince - V: Adunaphel's Chamber

    The company finally find what they have sought for so long in the fifth of this ten-part series detailing the life of the Haradrim hero Amur Suladan.

  • Silvren's Journey-The End of All Things-Chap 4

    "It's the dwarves that go swimming with little, hairy women." Gimli said drunkenly then belched and started drinking from another mug. "I feel something." Legolas said, rubbing his fingers together; EĆ³mer's arm resting on the barrel of ale, furrowing his brow at Legolas' remark. "A slight tingle in my fingers." Legolas breathed, examining his fingers. "I think it’s beginning to affect me." He muttered, turning to face the drunk dwarf.

  • The Rogue Prince - IV: A Journey Through The Sands

    Here's the fourth in the ten-part Haradrim story. I've relocated to Carnac in Brittanny in France, the home of the Arthurian legends, which is giving me a more fantastical vibe than usual... There's a field of neolithic headstones across my camp which were apparently turned to stone by Merlin! But I can't help but see many LotR refrences around here...the region is called Aragon, a city here is called Lorient and there's a town nearby called Sauzon!

  • Grief of the North Kingdom (a novel)

    CHAPTER FOUR - The young Vilthavia somehow manages to survive the fury of a violent avalanche while crossing the Misty Mountains. Finding himself now stranded in the high passes without the benefit of pack mules or food, he and his fellow survivors reflect upon their plight as they desperately attempt to stay warm.

  • Grief of the North Kingdom (a novel)

    CHAPTER THREE - Vilthavia and his companions nearly lose their way among the high passes of the Misty Mountains as they find themselves helplessly in the grips of a monstrous storm that threatens to devour them all and put an early end to their quest to reach Eriador.

  • A New Fellowship TT

    Chapter 6 SORRY!!! I haven't updated in FOREVER!!!!!!!!

  • The Rogue Prince - III: The Hasharin

    Part three in the series, enjoy!

  • Silvren's Journey-The End of All Things end of 2 + Chap 3

    The ring was warm against her chest as she gazed fearfully around the dark room. Then, as the ring suddenly grew warmer, she realized someone was coming. It dawned on her that Saruman was after the ring and there wasn't much she could do to hide it, so she did the one thing she could. Silvren took off the neck and hid it in the bodice of her dress.

  • The Rogue Prince - II: Valakar

    The second chapter of the first 'book' of the Serpent Lord series; which sees the desperate Jerra and her young son Amur meeted by a strange new character.

  • Grief of the North Kingdom (a novel)

    CHAPTER TWO - In his desire to abandon the journey across the Misty Mountains the young lad, Vilthavia of Rhovanion, is refused an escort back down the mountainside and must steel himself to face his fear of heights as he climbs up the high passes with his companions.

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