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  • The Lineage of Amroth [III / VI]

    The third in the six-part series sees Ivriniel during her time in the Golden Wood of Lothlorien.

  • Call for Submissions to Silver Leaves #4

  • Grief of the North Kingdom (a novel)

    CHAPTER NINE - After struggling for two days during a forced subterranean march in the mountains, Vilthavia finds himself miserably separated from his beloved Elendis in the confines of a dark dungeon. Now a prisoner of Broggha, Lord of the Hillmen, he learns from his mysterious uncle that he has been sold into thralldom and will be sent away back into the eastlands to endure forced labor.

  • The Lineage of Amroth [II / VI]

    The second part in the six-part series following the sister of Imrahil and her journey to Lothlorien with the Knight Galador.

  • Grief of the North Kingdom (a novel)

    CHAPTER EIGHT - Vilthavia and his companions fall into the hands of the ill-famed Broggha, Chieftain of the Hillmen, just as the companions begin to conspire against one another in order to survive in the frozen wilderness of the Misty Mountains.

  • The Lineage of Amroth [I / VI]

    This new series follows the untold story of Ivriniel, the older sister of Finduilas, wife of Denethor and Imrahil of Dol Amroth, and of the past ties of her heritage to the Elves of Lothlorien, and of her own path to maturity and the shaping of fates. This was influenced highly by my current location upon the southwest coasts of Brittany in France, where one cannot help but look upon the sea, the ancient monuments and stoic port-fortresses of ages past and think of Tolkien's world - especially of the lay of Belfalas and the mysteries of the Eldar.

  • The Rogue Prince [Finale] - X: The Cult of Sauron

    The last in the first part of the trilogy detailing the life of Amur Suladan and his struggle against power, politics, vengeance and fate in the Southlands. The hurts against his family and his country must finally be answered for against those who enacted them - his half-sister Adazra, her lover, the vile assassin Javitakh, and their twisted order - the Cult of Sauron.

  • Grief of the North Kingdom (a novel)

    CHAPTER SEVEN - New hope of a timely rescue in the wilds of the frozen Misty Mountains goes awry when a wandering war band of Hillmen warriors turns their wrath upon the suffering survivors from Rhovanion.

  • Great Horse King

    A tribute to Theoden

  • The Rogue Prince - IX: Brothers In Arms

    The penultimate chapter of the first part of the life of Amur Suladan, hero of Harad.

  • A New TT

    Chapter 8

  • Silver Leaves Issue 3

    The White Tree Fund, has published its 3rd official issue of Silver Leaves. The purpose of Silver Leaves is to educate, raise awareness, support charitable initiatives, and entertain.

  • The Rogue Prince - VIII: Solendon

    The eighth part of the ten-part series sees Suladan and his companion Haran tackle their greatest obstacle yet in the ruins of the once-great capital city of their homeland.

  • Grief of the North Kingdom (a novel)

    CHAPTER SIX - As the company of Rhovanion survivors cling desperately to life amid the lost wilderness of the frozen Misty Mountains, Vilthavia proclaims his love for Elendis of Rhudaur amid perilous circumstances and vows to deliver her to her homeland.

  • Birds. Planes, and Other Crazy Things

    As if being a superhero wasn't hard enough, Jenna's arch nemesis decides to send her to Middle Earth. Follow her adventures as she travels with the Fellowship. Not a Mary Sue.

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