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  • As the Sun Fades on a Starless Night: A Tale of Gildor Inglorian

    A short account of Gildor Inglorian and his family. How he came to sail West, and the pain behind his parting. An epilogue at the end, on which I hope to write my sequel from.

  • Under Hills, Under Mountains and Under Appreciated: An Examination of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit Using Ecocritical and Feminist Approaches.

    My first attempt at Tolkien criticism -- using theories from eco-criticism and feminist theory to look at the caution -- fairly long

  • Back to The Past. Chapter Seven of Twenty-One - Future Lost?

    The trio journeys to the Tourney grounds only to find Elrond posing as an actor by the name of Hugo Weaving.

  • So it Begins

    What exactly did theadon thin kof before and during the battle of Helms deep?

  • Song of a Rohirrin Dreamer

    Short poem about rohirrin horses.

  • As Darkness Falls, Hope Comes

    Kali finds the King and she finds something unexpected, he doesn't think she is crazy. What will his decision be about her and Nate?

  • A Maiden of Faith 20

    Katrina woke to find herself on her side. A pain tore at her back. She couldn?t see clearly, her eyes were swollen. Cool, steady hands touched her back, they did not burn as many others did. They were wet, she realized, and then she felt the darkness over come her again as a hand passed over her eyes...

  • A Very Scrambled Story


  • Flowers of Nimloth - Chapter 4

    The tears and depression that had consumed her for the past day and a half slowly gave way to greater thoughts: the newfound hope of Numenor, and pride for Isildur’s bravery. For though she still knew little about the wounded man, his deed had given her a surprising insight into his character and she almost felt as if she knew him, and was proud of him for what he had done.

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 36

    "Oh, but it is. It also ahs the power to heal others when they are mortally wounded. It can also save all elves or kill each and every one of them. "That's awful." Silvren gasped in horror.

  • The Void

    You may think that a story based on Tolkien's works in space is a little bit crazy and wrong, but please give it a go - you can't resist reading about a spaceship do battle against Morgoth, can you? Intrigued? I should think so. Click to read more!

  • Two Sides of a Coin: Chapter 21- Ladril's Coincidence

    Ladril was alone in the midst of enemies and Shastan was going to die. ...But there had to be a way he could change this. There had to be a way he could fix things.

  • No Road Too Long

    From the author of the Arwen Trilogy. Also titled "Whatever Happened to Bill the Pony; the Long Awaited Conclusion." The end of Bill the pony's long quest, as told from Bill's point of view. Ties in with Chapter 22 of "Storm Front".

  • The Void

    A weird combination - Tolkien and outer space in the future. Believe it or not, I think it ties in well with the background, but that's for you to decide. Click to read more, and you will find many a treat - you can't resist reading about a spaceship do battle against Morgoth, can you?

  • Silvren's Journey-Chapter 35

    Elrond’s face grew taunt and his jaw became locked at the prince’s words, he had hoped that Silvren’s rejection would have been the end of it and she would in turn marry Glorfindel, but he knew he should have known better. Elrond turned from the pathway and strode back towards the house, not knowing what he was going to do and forgetting his conversation with the old wizard for the moment. Gandalf smiled to himself as he watch the young elves for a few silent moments and then turned to follow Elrond into the house, a smile still upon his old wrinkled face. “So, it is as I thought.” he murmured to himself and disappeared into the shadows of the house.

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