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  • Maiar - 3/3

    In the final part of Sauron's brief repentance from darkness, he is met by a mysterious stranger, and finally decides upon the part he will play in the schemes of Middle-earth.

  • Burning Secrets III: Secrets' Origins

    Aragorn's Descent into his present state. What is Cirdan's past? Does it have anything to do with Aragorn's present?

  • Maiar - 2/3

    Continuing the tale of Sauron's brief repentance, here we see a flashback of the fallen Maiar's life before the touch of Melkor.

  • Rina's Heart 7- An Unnecessary Party

    "Happy one week!" Elrohir cried jubilantly and kissed Rina's cheek. Rina laughed at them both as they each took one of her arms and proceeded to lead her down to the banquet hall for special breakfast, though Rina had to admit, she was a little suspicous. As they walked, Rina inspected her escorts, and at this moment they were identical, having cleverly matched their robes for the occasion. They both held the same tightly suppressed grin, and overjoyed, conspiratory glitter in their eyes.

  • Rina's Heart 6- Library Musings

    Rina sat in the candle-softened dark of Rivendell's library, wrapped in a light blanket. It was late, and most of the residents of the house had long gone to bed. But Rina still sat in the dark, alone with her confused thoughts and musings....Why had she come here? No great mission had come to her; no great revelation, no commission to heroism.

  • Prophecy of the Nine

    A sneak preview of a story I'm currently writing about, you guessed it, the Nazgul. To not upset people, I've tried to blend past fanfiction about the Nine (namely Middle-earth roleplaying and Games Workshop) with original writing of my own, and hopefully will present them in a different context than they have been done so before. Stay tuned for more to come!

  • Maiar - 1/3

    Throughout the works of Tolkien, the character of Sauron is shown as the chief villain and antagonist. I thought it would be nice to examine him in a positive light, as he wasn't always evil.

  • Burning Secrets Chapter II: Cirdan's Journey Begins

    Cirdan must find the courage to reveal himself, and is almost found out in the process. What is his secret?

  • Burning Secrets

    Cirdan Surian has a fatal secret, and a burning past. His journey will take him to the very edge, and reveal everything to the very ones he's running from.

  • A Maiden of Faith 28

    Seated on the soft bed was a woman her hardly recognized. Her face was ashen with even whiter hand prints marring her face. Tears streamed down delicate features from lovely sapphire eyes.

  • Silvren's Journey-UTTT-Chapter 5

    "Do you remember anyone from your past? Where did you live?" Silvren asked, noticing the change in his skin and how his ears were developing points. "I remember a forest. A dark forest with a river and lots of people." he said as his face turned a peach color. "What did they look like, what about your family?" Silvren asked excitedly.

  • The Prince Demised, 11/11

    There has been a death in the Fellowship. At the end of a war, something goes wrong and a member is lost. The remaining members discover that healing is a slow process, if healing comes at all.

  • Stranger in a Strange Land - Ch. 3 - Raised by Another

    Laurelina gasped as she turned around to see the owner of the cruel voice. She recognized him immediately, but for some reason she could not remember exactly where she had seen him before. In one hand, he held a black whip, and in the other, a scimitar, glittering in the sunlight. His face was smeared with blood and sweat and war paint, and that disgusting smile seemed to be permanently pasted on his face.

  • The Prince Demised, 10/11

    There has been a death in the Fellowship. At the end of a war, something goes wrong and a member is lost. The remaining members discover that healing is a slow process, if healing comes at all.

  • Tales from the Fall of Arnor - Part 6 - The Storm Cometh

    Sorry it took so long to put up! I hope it was worth it. The final chapter of this saga (for now, at least) sees Oropher and his men face against the full evil and deception of the Witch-King.

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