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  • The Chronicles of Khand - Part B: The Ninth

    The second part of the history of Khand shows the rise of power and descent into darkness of the Variag's most infamous individual, Ûvatha the Nazgûl.

  • The Helm and the Sword - Chapter I: The Blood of Mârdat

    The first chapter in the second part of the Serpent Lord series sees Suladân, fresh from his exploits against the Cult of Sauron, travelling to the city of Badharkân, where he seeks to discover the heritage of his lost mother.

  • The Serpent Lord - Book Two: The Helm and the Sword - Prologue/Synopsis

    Carrying on the adventures of Amur Suladan from the ten-part 'The Rogue Prince' comes the second book in the Serpent Lord series - 'The Helm and the Sword'. Before the first part is posted, here is a catch-up of what happened in the last book.

  • The Chronicles of Khand - Part A: The Emperors

    After putting together the myriad fan-fictions and role-playing fluff of Khandish history, I wanted to create a solid set of annals showing its beginnings in the First Age until the Fourth Age. In this first part, the Variag peoples are established and the touch of Mordor is defined on them.

  • The End of Hope

    In the movies and books, no one had any hope except evil. But good fought on and that is why they ultimately won.

  • Leaving Middle Earth

    Frodo tries to be brave as he leaves middle earth but breaks down when he understands that nearly everyone he ever loved has dissapeared from his life forever.

  • The Lineage of Amroth - Appendix C: The Corsair Wars

    The last of the appendices charts the seven Corsair Wars that have raged between Gondor and Umbar, which have prominently included the men of Dol Amroth.

  • The Lineage of Amroth - Appendix B: Genealogy of the Princes

    In the second appendix on Dol Amroth, I've presented a list of the twenty-four Princes of the city.

  • The Lineage of Amroth - Appendix A: The Lords of Belfalas

    After my work on 'The Lineage of Amroth', I had a lot of unused source material and structure that were only glimpsed at through the narrative. Wanting them to see the light of day, I have divided them into three appendices. The first of these discusses the beginnings of the line of the Princes, and their ties to the Elven King Amroth.

  • The Lineage of Amroth [VI / VI]

    Last in the Dol Amroth orientated series featuring the life of Lady Ivriniel. Taking a turn from the other chapters, the finale is more focused on the next generation, namely Morathol, the son of Ivriniel, as he must face the threat of a Corsair invasion, cut off and alone from the armies of the Prince Imrahil.

  • An Unexpected Romance

    When Elrond's youngest daughter, Eruanna, is betrothed to Legolas she runs off to Bree to talk to Aragorn. And unexpectedly ends up fighting evil.

  • The Lineage of Amroth [V / VI]

    Thirty years after returning to Dol Amroth, Ivriniel comes to Minas Tirith for a special pilgrimage, and during her stay meets with her family in-law - the Steward Denethor, and his son Boromir.

  • Thoughts From Atop Hollin Ridge

    Elin dantath ú-silath andavë or "Fallen Stars Don't Shine For Long"

  • Erraagor Part 1

    Albert The Great Has Arrived In Erraagor

  • The Lineage of Amroth [IV / VI]

    After a long break away, writing about Absurdism rather than Aragornism, I've finally come back to finish this story, and at least a good three more. The fourth part of the six tales of Ivriniel of Dol Amroth shows her returning home from her apprenticeship under Galadriel, where she must come to terms with returning to the reality of her matured, and loss of, life.

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