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  • A New Fellowship Chapter 1

    When the one ring is brought to Rivendell strange thing start happening. A romance blossoms between Legolas and a mysterious she-elf.

  • Buried...not forgotten. Part 6

    SG1 in Middle-Earth and apparently they may be needed there

  • Buried...not forgotten. Part 5

    SG1 in Middle-Earth!!

  • Caption contest #1

    Gollum is angry, and behind a tree!

  • Buried...not forgotten. Part 4

    SG1 find themselves on an alien (and familar) world that has a lot of secrets old ...and new.

  • The Days Ahead - Chapter 1

    Lothiriel of Dol Amroth must face the days ahead.

  • Buried...not forgotten. Part 3

    SG1 get more than they bargained for on an ancient and strange planet...

  • Buried...not forgotten. Part 2

    SG1 in search of technology to fight the Gould travel to a strange planet...

  • Silvren's Journey-UTTT chap 7

    "Look at them sleeping so peacefully. Not knowing or having a care about the evil growing around them." she whispered as Legolas sat down beside her. "I want to have children one day. A family of my own." she whispered glancing over at him, the gentle breeze blowing the loose strands of her hair in her face. "Aye, so do I. And maybe one day we will." he smiled. Silvren managed a small smile as she glanced back down at the ground, wondering what life would have been like if it hadn’t been for the war. "At least that is what I hope and pray for." Legolas said softly.

  • Buried...not forgotten.

    SG1 of Stargate Command Earth are searching for technology to defeat the Gould and uncover an address from the Ancient's database that was accidently downloaded into Colonel Jack O'Neil's brain.

  • An Aussie in King Aragorn's Court ~ Chapter 21 ~ The Unseen Escort

    "Her suffering is great, and not all of it can be accounted for by the wound on her arm. I fear there is a deeper wound to her heart."

  • An Aussie in King Aragorn's Court ~ Chapter 20 ~ Galadriel

    "Here there are but nine, though there should have been ten. One of your company has been replaced by i titheniel. Tell me where is Gandalf? Was there some change of counsel? Although I cannot understand the wisdom in sending a maiden in his place."

  • A Night to Remember

    A mostly true (but not entirely) account of my recent trip to Shaker Village and participation in "A Long Expected Party."

  • Silvren's Journey-UTTT_ Chap 6

    "Wait, there’s something I want to give you. This belongs to you." he said turning to face Silvren. In his hand he held her silver necklace and crystal pendant. "You dropped them back at Amon Hen." he whispered. "I was wondering where I lost it." she whispered softly. "You still have the other one, correct?" he asked in an almost worried tone. "Yes."

  • Rage - Chapter 8

    The screams were coming from near the royal bedchamber. Legolas was sprinting as fast as his legs could carry him, but still he only caught the barest glimpse of a massive black shadow disappearing down the main stairway. Maida’s screams started growing fainter, and were barely audible by the time Legolas reached the top of the stairs. He stared down into the darkness, all color gone from his face. "It took Maida. . ." he heard Thendril gasp. "It took Maida!"

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