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  • Buried...not forgotten. Part 10

    SG1 andJolinar/Martouf in Middle-Earth ...and in trouble as usual!!

  • A New Fellowship Chapter 8

    Mara wakes up and reveals a secret that has been haunting her for years.

  • Buried...not forgotten. Part 9

    SG1 in Middle-Earth...How weird is that?!

  • A New Fellowship Chapter 7

    They Fellowship enters Lorien

  • The Nine - Chapter One: The Witch-King

    This is the first of a ten-part story detailing the end of the War of the Ring shown from the point of view of the Nazgul, and what better way to start than with their captain, the Witch-King? I took much of the script from Tolkien's Return of the King Chapter 6: The Battle of the Pelennor Fields and filled in the gaps. Hope you enjoy!

  • A New Fellowship Chapter 6

    The Pass of Caradhras and the Mines of Moria

  • Buried...not forgotten. Part 8

    SG1 and a friend stuck in Middle Earth

  • Rage - Chapter 9

    Even as Maida screamed in terror, Legolas was reacting. He dropped his bow and turned in midair, his hands just managing to catch the edge of the hole. Instantly Thendril and Haldir rushed forward, gripping his wrists. Maida scrambled forward as well, looking over the rim of the hole. The roar of the river below was deafening. But she could see a sinewy black figure just clinging to the side of the hole, the claws of its remaining hand and feet digging into the damp rock. "Pull him up! Pull him up!!"

  • A New Fellowship Chapter 5

    Legolas finds out Mara love him.

  • Silvren's Journey-UTTT-Chap 8

    Silvren felt her body stiffen at Aragorn's ill news and she realized how scared she truly was but knew she could not let the others see her fear. If they did they would not let her fight and probably persuade her to go no further on the quest. She glanced up at Legolas and saw the same fear reflecting in his blue eyes and she knew the fear was more for her than for him.

  • Defining the Name

    She stood suddenly to find Halbarad looking down at her. He didn’t say one word, but she gathered all of his meaning in that single look. She held his solemn gray gaze and felt a single tear roll down her cheek. She was utterly alone.

  • A new Fellowship Chapter 4

    The Fellowship sets off for Mordor.

  • A New Fellowship Chapter 3

    Mara awakens and finds out some disturbing news about Isil.

  • A New Fellowship Chapter 2

    The injured she-elf awakens and stirs up some trouble!!! Boromir falls for Mara. And Isil reveals a secret.

  • Buried...Not forgotten VII

    SG1 on Middle_Earth and as usual in trouble!!

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