Would You Mind Wearing a Wet Suit? - Report From Extra Casting in New Zealand

I just got this in from David Hill in New Zealand. I'll put the whole thing here so that you can read it.

Just a note to say that my sister went to the auditions. She stood outside for over an hour in the rain. When she finally got in they took her measurements (e.g. Height, Weight) and lead them to the casting people. According to her, they asked her a couple of questions such as Can you ride a horse?, Would you wear contacts if needed? and the most strange one that I heard was would you be willing to wear a wet suit?

So, my sister's name is down. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

A wet suit. Huh? What do you guys think this is for? Do they attach fake armor to it? Maybe they apply orc prosthetics to the surface? What do you think?

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