Who's Robyn Malcolm and What's Ancanar? - Some info you may want to know...

I just received an email from Michael Martinez at Xenite.org giving some more explanation about Robyn Malcolm, the woman who is now known to play a small character named Morwen (as reported by Tol Galen). Here's an excerpt from his article:

In a recent interview Robyn described her small part in the movie as a "village Celtic woman" or "female village elder" who interacts with Arwen (Liv Tyler). Robyn is a natural blonde and it seems likely she was cast as a woman of Rohan but it's also possible that she may play a Dunlending woman. It doesn't seem likely she is a woman of Gondor.

Click here to read it in its entirety. Michael has also put together a nicely comprehensive article on who exactly Morwen might be--as I'm sure many of you have been scouring your well-read copy of The Lord of the Rings attempting to find some character named Morwen! Click here to read it!

Secondly, I also received word from the folks at Elemental Films that they are currently in preproduction on a new film entitled Ancanar. You may remember their name from a previous project titled Elessar that had to be put on the backburner in lieu of licensing issues. They've released a preview trailer for Ancanar at the official site for the film, www.ancanar.com.

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