WETA Learning from the Best: ILM - LOTR Special Effects Co. gets

We just got word from one of our insiders that WETA (Peter Jackson's special effects company for the LOTR movies) has been "loaned" an ILM (Industrial Light and Magic--George Lucas's special effects company) employee to become a supervisor in New Zealand for the time being.

Now, we don't know in what capacity or for how long WETA will be using him, but it seems like a good move for those at WETA to learn from the best--especially since Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is the only movie to have done what Peter Jackson is planning for LOTR (namely, having an entirely CG primary character--Gollum--and creating huge CG sets). It also seems a likely place of inception for the rumor that George Lucas was going to become a consultant for LOTR.
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