Wanna know where those Helmets and Shields are from? - An insider's report

A Helm of Rohan
Remember the prop images from this article? Here's what Secret Squirrel #1 tells us about them...

The two helmets are Rohan... I wore the one with the hair (most of us did actually)and I'd suspect the rounded sheild is Elvish. None of the Sheilds I carried at Ruapehu had any design like that on them at all (heavy enough though - 15-20kg).

The Rohan Helmets were mostly made of latex (some were leather though) while the Gondor Helmets, Armour and I think sheilds were mostly Plastic and light Aluminium or wool knitted to look like it. The Rohan Armour was latex, leather and plastic. The sheilds were Wood and steel. What you got to wear basically depended on how close you were to the

Secret Squirrel #1 out

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