UPDATED: Official Beta of Lord of the Rings Movie Web Site - Get a glimpse of the Official Site!

UPDATE: Apparently, Peter Jackson and co. did not want the rest of us to see exactly what the site would look like, so, as of Wednesday afternoon, the beta site is no longer available... So, disregard the news below.

Joram from Ringbearer received the an email with the following news. Alas, the site is only a short glimpse of what we'll see when the site is officially launched as none of the links work, but I definitely still like the look!

I was snooping around on the official LotR site and I found that if you go here: http://www.lordoftherings.net/beta

You get forwarded to: http://lotr.neoplanet.com/beta/

The lotr.neoplanet.com site is a mirror of (but not the same server as...) www.lordoftherings.net. Interesting that they have a website at NeoPlanet, especially so closely after the LOTR browser announcement - NeoPlanet is a customizeable front end to Internet Explorer. There's a new design at this "beta" page, but the only text there is the first part of the October release announcing that filming had begun, and none of the links are working. Looks pretty slick though.

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