Tom Baker on Gandalf - Former Dr. Who had interest... but...

Cinescape has reported on an article that appeared in SFX magazine in which Tom Baker (of Doctor Who fame) reveals his thoughts on Gandalf, disappointment and rejection. Here's what they said:

Tom Baker (Doctor Who) may have wanted the role of
Gandalf in Lord of the Rings but, at the same time, he’s
glad to not have the part. While talking to SFX magazine,
Baker was asked about the role of Gandalf. The actor
revealed, "Well, I wasn't disappointed when I heard that they
had got Ian McKellen, who will probably be very good. No, I
wasn't disappointed - I wouldn't have left my wife for 18
months in any case. I wouldn't leave my home for 18 months
for anyone or any money. That's not on. That's just not being
serious, That's mad. When you become an actor, I think you
have to admit that you like disappointment. You're in love
with rejection."

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