The Temptation of the One Ring - UPDATE: Wal Mart Fellowship DVDs Shipping NOW!! Free Shipping, Free T Shirts, Free Popcorn...Retailers Lure Tolkien Fans to Buy Fellowship DVD

So you've not pre-ordered Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring DVD or VHS, and now you must decide which retailer has the most appealing offer. Oh, you didn't know? Yes, indeed, the online retailers and the mundane world retailers have all kinds of goodies that are designed to make the Tolkien geek run madly in their direction, credit card or cash in hand.

Take WalMart, for instance. I was there yesterday and witnessed the madness with my own eyes. Frankly, I didn't know whether to be nauseated or elated. The commercialism of LOTR is everywhere: Walk in the front doors of WalMart, and the security gizmos are decorted with Fellowship promotional panels. The Doritos stand has Fellowship promotional panels. Go back to the electronics, and get your golden bag (empty) from the Fellowship promotional panel and take it back to the WalMart grill to get a free bag of popcorn. Yes, all of that is questionable as far as "good taste" goes; and we know that most Tolkien purists and elitists are impeccable with their good taste. Yet, there IS something very exciting about walking into ye olde local WalMart and being surrounded by images of Middle Earth.

So, why should you buy your Fellowship DVD or VHS from WalMart? Here are their special offers:

  • Order the DVD from WalMart's online store before August 5th and get free shipping and a free "exclusive" Lord of the Rings T Shirt. The T Shirt is not on the WalMart website for viewing, so who knows if it's cheesey or supreme? Hmmm, decisions, decisions.
  • Some WalMarts, (check with your local WalMart), are giving away Lord of the Rings wall posters if you buy the DVD between 6 AM and 12 Noon on August 6th. Do I hear the rumblings of an early morning stampede beginning to build?

But wait, WalMart isn't the only retailer vying for your hard-earned cash or credit! Go to Best Buy's online store, pre-order the Fellowship DVD and get a $10 "Digital Coupon"! Err, what's a digital coupon? Lots of fine print with this deal and it looks like no free goodies either. In fact, the $10 "digital coupon" doesn't even apply to your Fellowship purchase. Next, please.

Deep Discount DVD is offering free shipping from their online store and a price of $18.88. No free t shirts or posters here, just a shark eating their logo and free shipping to your front door.

And, finally, there is the ever present Official LOTR shop at the New Line website where the DVD is $22.95 and the VHS is $16.95. No free shipping, no goodies, no popcorn. Hmmm.

Now, there are rumours that the Fellowship DVD and VHS have been espied in various retail outlets this weekend already for sale. We know that in Europe it has been released, but I personally have yet to run across a "for sale" copy here in the States. However, should you discover the golden treasure at your local retailer, before you snatch it up and start crying "My preciousss!!!", try to calm yourself and take a few deep breaths. Remember that there are goodies to be seized at various retailers and, you know, that "exclusive" T Shirt from WalMart may just be the thing to make your LOTR DVD Party a complete success!

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