The Return of the King Trailer News - Finally a Confirmed Date?

It would appear we finally have a confirmed date... at least according to USA Today. <I>Secondhand Lions</I>, a New Line Cinema film, is due to be released on the 19th and it was with this film that we originally speculated a trailer would be released. However, it was originally due out on the 26th and this is when the trailer will rear its head in theaters around the country.

Apparently it will be composed of almost entirely new footage, and be about 3 minutes long. It should be noted that if you go and see Secondhand Lions on the 26th there is NO gurantee that the trailer will be attatched, especially since theatres are rather lazy when it comes to switching up their trailer reels after a film has been released. Your best bet might be to see a new release instead (New Line's gonna hate me for that one). 

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