The Lord of the Rings - The Alternative Soundtrack - Kelvin L. Smith

The Lord of the Rings - The Alternative Soundtrack - Cover Art
I received an email from Kelvin L. Smith letting me know about his own soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings which is now available at Here's what he said:

Thought I would drop you a line to tell you that my ' Alternative Soundtrack' to THE LORD OF THE RINGS is now available at There are 13 tracks in all and they are available for free download, or if anyone wishes, it can be purchased for $10.00.

This is a heartfelt project and has been on-going for over three years. It was only finished last week so I thought I would let you know first...

I live in the U.K and have been a musician all my life ( I am now 50)...looking foreward to seeing the new movie very much. I have no idea what the official soundtrack will contain, but I just wanted to create a altenative version...hopefully some other fans will also enjoy it too.

Upon giving a listen to some of the tracks on his album, I was impressed by the quality of the ambient work, and at times the sounds conjured up memories of Vangelis' music (who composed the Chariots of Fire soundtrack). Now, this is definitely not what you'll here with the film, but it's still quite an inspired piece of art! Check it out!

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