The Kings, The Clothes and the only Precious ring; How the science museum got it so totally right. - With the cast, the clothing and the props all in one place for an age, could going to see the LOTR exibition in london really satisfy our thirst for Lord

When you think of a LOTR exibition you could be mistaken to think that a small dark room, limited movement and space and all the information about the books that you are able to digest. Theres nothing wrong with any of these things but if you are going to try and compare them with the brilliant exibition in the Science Museum then you may be in for a extremally hard and compleicated task.

What may you be asking could be so brilliant about the film exibition that you couldnt see on the extended version of the dvd or look up on the internet? Also why would you be thinking, that could be so special and indevidual about this particular exibition. Well apart from the Costumes, Props Sets, Art and Actor overviews there are the plot summeries, videos about the set and brilliant interviews with the one and only orlando bloom, aka, Legolas greenleaf. The guys out there may be thinking whats so good about legolas but if your a girl you may just understand.

With the brillant artwork that shows us extactly how the sets were intended to look you are litrerally having your breath taken agasp at least once a minuite or maybe more. With the perfection of the book and films you are taken into middle earth, only realising that you have been transported away from your normal life once you surfce from the hobbit like hole that you have been exploring.

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