The Film Score Monthly Podcast for The Return Of The King: The Complete Recordings Is Now On Air

The past two years we've grown to expect Doug Adams' highly interesting Lord Of The Rings podcasts prior to the releases of the Complete Recordings box sets. This year, for the most anticipated release of the trilogy, Doug went the extra mile to do something special – he accepted questions via phone from LOTR's soundtrack fans situated around the world, and the podcast features his answers to many of them – backed by relevant pieces of music – and also includes a quick discussion concerning his book 'The Music Of The Lord Of The Rings Films' due to be out next year.

To conclude this musical treat, we're left with a tantalizing piece of alternate music from The Fellowship Of The Ring, making this podcast nothing less than a Kingly gift.

Listen to the podcast for The Return Of The King: The Complete Recordings courtesy of Film Score Monthly.


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