Susan Ivanova in Lord of the Rings? - Trading in the Space Suit for a Sword?

Well, Harry got another one. Check it out. Below is a quote from the site. In the post Harry says that he wishes that this part of the waiting for the Lord of the Rings would be over; and I can't agree more. I want to see New Line release a list of actors and get this over with. Plus once that is done, we can start working on some cool fan art.

Hey Harry, long time reader first time scooper. I live in Melbourne, Australia and i was just watching a really lame late night music show called ground zero,well anyway Claudia Christian( is that how you spell it) Ivanova from Babylon 5 was interviewed at a comic book convention, and the guy talking to her asked if she wanted to be in the next star wars movie, to which she replied " No, not really, ive actually got a part in all 3 lord of the rings movies ". Thought you'd like to hear about it.

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