Suite101: And now it's time to say good-bye... - With film production nearing an end, just what has Jackson accomplished?

“Even George Lucas will be hard-pressed to generate all the news reports and scandals that Lord of the Rings has produced for us. There have been weeks where I felt more like a tabloid reporter than just a fan trying to help keep other fans informed.”
In this week’s Suite101 article, Michael Martinez writes an early good-bye to the fourteen months of almost daily set reports scheduled to end next month -- while saying hello to the days of adventure ahead.

Below is a short excerpt:

Not to this column, but to the almost daily set reports from the various locations in New Zealand. Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings production is wrapping up location work and in a few more weeks (okay, a couple more months) will finish principal photography completely.

From that point forward Tolkien fans around the world will wait with bated breath for the result of Peter Jackson's editing skills. Of course, a great amount of CGI work remains to be done, and perhaps a few favored Web sites will be given glimpses of behind-the-scenes works and some advance snippets of what is yet to come.

LOTRmania has gotten some mention in the press this year, but we all know in our hearts that we ain't seen nothing yet. In about six more months, give or take, the advance publicity will begin to hit the magazines, the television shows, the newspapers. Everyone knows the movies are coming. The first trailer is almost upon us. People are already looking forward to the DvD (hoping, probably hopelessly, that Bombadil will appear on it).

You know, kiddies, we aren't even halfway through this deal yet. It's been only about three years since the rumors first started circulating that Peter Jackson might be doing a LOTR movie. We've got more than three years left before the last movie is released (December 2003), and it will be at least another six to twelve months before the last DvD comes out after that.

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