SPOILERS ROTK Clips and TTT Extended DVD Info - A Quick Insider's Peek

Eldárwen (our reliable TORC spy) sends along this juicy morsel:

I talked to someone who saw some ROTK clips, including the ROTK preview for the TTT DVD and he said everything looks AWESOME so far (especially the battle at Minas Tirith), we have a lot to look forward to! I am not sure if this is going to be on the preview but one thing that he saw that stood out was his note on scenes that show Pippin becoming a "warrior." :)
He also made a brief comment on the TTT extended DVD portion and says that a majority of it will be relationship focused and there will be much more on the Ents.

Great stuff!  It's exciting to know the ents will have a much less hasty presence in the extended DVD!


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